What is isikontrol ?


isikontrol is a remote temperature monitor system. It monitors the temperature in a specific area, report it and create alarm to user if necessary. It can be used any small - big industries which need remote temperature monitor. Systems measure the temperature in a specific area periodically and transmit temperature data to the isikontrol servers via intenet. The temperature information which comes to isikontrol servers is monitored and archived. If the temperatures exceed the user defined value, ssytem create the alarm to the user defined mobile phones.

Alarms can be set very flexible in different combination. Additionally the users can follow temperature data, set the alarm and create graphical report via isikontrol web site. If they wish, they can receive periodic mail which includes graphical temperature archive data from the system.

System Features


  • Full automated temperature control and monitoring system
  • Follow temperature of the fridge via computer / mobile phone.
  • Easy installation
  • Support graphical report for historical data.
  • Various alarms (Email/SMS/ Audio Call) support if the temperature exceed defined limit.
  • Real time data transfer
  • Automatic monthly graphical report

How it works?


  • Temperature data transmitted to the issikontrol servers via internet.
  • The users can follow temperature data via internet. If any exceed temperature data is measured, the system will run the various alarms.
  • The date, time, temperature values can be report

Target Applications


  • Health Industry inoculation, blood fridge, Laboratory)
  • Agriculture Industry (Glasshouse, chicken farms, etc)
  • Food Industry
  • IT sector (Server rooms)